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Journey into Nirvana

Rolls Royce Live Brief 2022

Nirvana, a state of utter peace. This is how I imagine a drive in the Rolls Royce Phantom to be. For many, a car drive can be a way of de-stressing and a way to bringing them calm energy. I played with the idea of the journey, as it is the pleasure of driving and the journey to that place that makes you feel tranquillity. I am focusing on the movement and the free flowing rhythm of lines, to try and capture that idea of the winding and twisting roads of life, metaphorically and literal. As well as creating more abstract designs to reflect on the unpredictability of our journey through life.

I wanted to pull together both calm and disorder to my design to portray all aspects of life, the good and the chaos, to show it is all beautiful.

Even with this unpredictability, idea of still being surrounded by compete serenity seems possible with Rolls-Royces Phantom as its renowned for its quiet engine. This is what lead me to the idea of the Crown Charka, as it is associated with thought and silence. This Crown Charka's colour is purple, which with Rolls Royce's new signature colour of Purple Spirit, I have chosen a purple monochrome colour palette.

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