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Thought Experiment

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

37. Wait While Doing Nothing

"The Thought Experiment is conducted at the beginning of the Masters programme in Art & Design Contemporary Dialogues, in order to shake the student out of any medium-specific comfort zone within which they might arrive on the course."

For the start of this project we were asked to pick an envelope from the many that were scattered on the floor. Within each envelope, a section of text from the book by Roger-Pol Droit’s (2002) "101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Life".

I picked out experiment 37, 'Wait while doing nothing'.

With the each title there is an accompanying text. My text spoke of times where one would be waiting for a doctors appointment, or waiting for the bus, those moments in which you are waiting while doing nothing. It also mentions time in which you might not know what you are waiting for, and having no idea what the outcome might be.

First things first,

The first thing I did was look at what I thought was the key words of my title, 'wait' and 'nothing'

When though I knew what each word meant it was helpful to look at the definition but also by looking at synonym of these words, it allowed me to think of them in a different way.

Some synonyms for the word 'wait' included anticipate and sweat it out, which build a picture of anxiety and feeling of unease.

For the word nothing, I liked - "not a thing" - because it felt like the break down of the word.

Making a list

My first little experiment was to try and notice all those moments of me waiting while doing nothing. I realised there were many times where you would be waiting.

This was my list;


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