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My Thought Experiment

For my ‘Pecha Kucha’, I am going to be doing a performance piece, which has been inspired by Marina Abramovic. The idea behind my piece is to show my inner thoughts in a visual format. I will be using audio I have recored from the train station to represent place, and I want to use the lights as a way of creating an atmosphere.

I would like the lights to be on as the audio of the train station is playing, with only a black screen behind me, I will look nervous and anxious, looking around, playing with my hair and fidgeting. I will then put my headphones on - rather than earphone, as headphones will be visually more engaging for the audience and more apparently - as the audio changes to one that sounds tense, which is when all the lights turn off and the screen will turn white. The audio will start playing 'Meet Luca', from Disney's Luca, and the screen will start displaying colour and pattern that matches the audio.

The message I am trying to communicate through this performance is how being alone in a crowed space such as a train station waiting while doing nothing, can cause stress and anxiety, but by listening to music it can relieve these feelings.

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