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8. Thoughts into Visuals

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

On Photoshop, there is a brilliants tool that we as pattern designers love, pattern preview. It fills the whole screen with the repeat of your tile. While playing around with Photoshop trying to create a pattern, I sat there frustrated and unsure what I was doing. In someways, I was waiting (for inspiration) while doing nothing. Taking my frustration out I shook the mouse, this was pretty much what sparked a whole new direction for my thought experiment.

As I shook the mouse around, the little insignificant repeated motif on my screen, shook around my screen. At first I thought it just looked visually appealing, being on 'free transform' it caused the motif to grew and shrink in size. The way it fell off the original canvas meant that the pattern preview cut of bits and created new shapes.

Thats when I thought, this in a way represents how thoughts are constantly moving around in our brain. The way in which a thought can pop into your head, ponder around your brain a bit, leaves, comes back, growing in size so its the only thing you can think of, taking up all the space in your brain, only to then disappears again. Is it just me?

And then, when music was added to this visual representation it added a sense of feeling and emotion. It felt right. I knew then that this is the direction I needed to take the rest of my thought experiment.

When thinking about the concept of trying to visualise my thoughts, the first thing that popped into my head was the scene from Ratatouille, where Emile is tasting food and the way in which the taste he feels is represented to the viewer is though animation of shapes, swirls and colour. As well as using sound.

This is what I want to do for my thought experiment.

I want to some how create an animation of a visual representation of the thoughts in my head.

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