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6. Circles

While drawing imagery for key words, I was trying to use shapes, lines and marks to best represent what those words looked like for me. I noticed I was being drawn to circles (blog post 5). For me, the image for empty space is a circle, maybe because there is the space within the circle. I felt that it represented the absence of something that used to be there.

However, having then gone to look into the meaning and symbolisms of circles, it seems it means the opposite.

"Being one of the oldest geometric symbols, the circle has earned itself a name and respect in both education and culture. It's a universal sign, with almost all cultures revering it as a sacred symbol. The circle represents limitless things, among them eternity, unity, monotheism, infinity, and wholeness."

Yayoi Kusama

Kusama is a famous Japanese artist who is known for her dotted art. Interesting, her work is a result of a rare mental condition in which she experiences hallucinatory visions, something she has experienced since her childhood.

Digital art

Laser cut circle art

This first one actually went wrong as it started cutting out the circles that I had originally moved, unsure as to why or how, but the off cut reminded me of thought bubbles.

Simple, one layer

Scattered circles

Thoughts within a thought bubble

A sequence of layers

Wassily Kandinsky

Squares with Concentric Circles

(Inspired by Squares with Concentric Circles)

Concentric Circle, without Squares.


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